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Park Shin Hye Plastic Surgery, Rumor or Fact?

Park Shin Hye is one of the most beautiful Korean actresses and singers. Besides, she is also very talented. At 26, she has already done a lot with her life.

Park Shin Hye is also popularly known for her role in “Heartstring”. In that drama, she played with CNBlue’s lead vocalist, Jung Yong Hwa. She was said to have had a special relationship with Yong Hwa and Jang Geun Suk. Her natural beauty could be the reason why many men like her.

Along with that, she has starred in many different TV shows and movies. Many of those roles were leading roles. Thanks to that, she has won many awards for her various roles in both film and TV.

Her debut TV show was “Stairway to Heaven”, where she played young Jung-suh. This really launched her career and brought her to the spotlight

Since then, she has almost always been in the spotlight, whether it was for acting, singing, or just for her beauty. She’s been nominated for multiple beauty awards since she first started in 2003.

Like many other Korean celebrities, Shin-Hye was also rumored to have had cosmetic surgery to further her career. It made a big controversy, especially among the fans and haters. Each side had their own, very strong, opinion on it.

Some rumors said that Park Shin-Hye had gotten a nose job and a double eyelid surgery. Both of these could definitely be true, since South Korea is such a hot bed for these procedures. However, it was still hard to prove. There are no easily visible signs of cosmetic surgery, like scars.

In some moments, she has been interviewed about her beauty and potential cosmetic surgery. She answered simply that she has never gotten any sort of cosmetic surgery. She just ate well to keep her figure.

As we can see in her current appearance, Park Shin-Hye looks pretty natural. With make-up, she looks flawless on TV.

This, however, can easily happen because of the make-up artists who work on celebrities. They are extremely good at their job and it wouldn’t be all that hard to cover up some scars.

Park Shin Hye Plastic Surgery Rumor
Park Shin Hye Plastic Surgery Rumor

Park Shin Hye Double Eyelid Surgery

A rumor said that she got eyelid surgery, like many Korean actresses do. But in the pictures, it seems as though her eyes look nearly the same from when she was a child. They look very nice, but don’t seem to have changed much.

With that being said, it doesn’t necessarily mean she didn’t get the surgery done. With a surgery like this, it’s possible to change something very minimally. It’s even possible that she did get it and it didn’t go as planned.

This surgery has a risk of the sutures breaking. That is was creates the crease, a few sutures attached to something underneath the skin.

Depending on where the surgeon attached the sutures, it will determine if they have a stronger chance of breaking.

There are essentially three places the surgeon could put the sutures. The first is attaching it to the septum. This is a strong piece of cartilage, but it isn’t the best place to put it.

When it is placed there, there is minimal swelling because there isn’t much dissection. That’s where the good things basically stop.

Any fat that may be underneath the septum or in other areas won’t be addressed. This can become an issue later on. Also, because there isn’t much dissection and getting rid of the fats, this technique has a higher risk of not maintaining the crease.

A more modern technique is attaching the suture to the levator aponeurosis. This is a Teflon-like, slippery tissue that is responsible for opening and closing the eyelid. It already sounds like a place you wouldn’t want to put sutures.

This place obviously has a high rate of breakages because of what it is made out of. Sutures aren’t likely to hold well against something that has to move constantly.

This technique was discovered in the 1960’s as a good alternative to the septum one. As we have progressed, we’ve found an even better spot to attach those sutures.

Below the levator aponeurosis, there is something called the tarsal plate. This is a dense and thick tissue that holds the shape of the eyes. This is the ideal place to put the sutures for many reasons, but the biggest is how little people have the issue of breakages.

As people are meant to come for checkups up to ten years after they get the surgery, less than one percent every year with this type of surgery reported the loss of crease. It’s astonishing how people eventually came up with a spot that was better than the other two.

There are, of course, some downsides to getting this surgery. It’s always possible that your eyelids will come out as uneven. Similar to drawing, it’s hard to get both eyes to look identical.

This can be corrected with correction surgery, but sometimes, that’s not an option. If you’ve already gotten multiple eyelid surgeries, then it wouldn’t be in your best interest to add another to the list.

Also, if you get one of these surgeries, there could always be damage done to the muscles which control your eyelid movements. This is especially true if you get the levator aponeurosis surgery. That is going straight into the tissue that controls your eyes opening and closing.

Does it seem possible that Park Shin-Hye got this done? It’s hard to tell because of where the incisions would have been. Also, it really doesn’t look like she has too much of a crease. Her eyes do appear to be large, but it could also be just a natural thing. We might never truly know.

But, even if she didn’t get this surgery, that doesn’t mean she’s never gotten anything. Is it possible that she got a rhinoplasty?

Park Shin Hye Before and After Nose Job
Park Shin Hye Before and After Nose Job
Park Shin Hye Nose
Park Shin Hye Nose

Park Shin Hye Nose Job

How about the nose? Park Shin-Hye talked about the rumors in an interview. She said that when she was younger, she didn’t like her big nose, but she never tried to get a nose job to change it.

However, when we compared between two photos, her nose does seem to look different. In the right picture, her nose looks slimmer with a smaller tip. Everyone has different perceptions, so it’s possible that it hasn’t changed at all. 

What even goes on in a rhinoplasty? Why would anyone want to get surgery just to change their nose?

There are many different reasons that not only are for celebrities, but also everyday people. Every person perceives their body differently. While some people might not see anything wrong, others will find a lot wrong with their body.

Obviously, people with extreme body issues should be seeking help outside of permanently changing their bodies. But, people who find a few things that they’d like to change is completely normal.

When you look at someone in the face, if they have a misshapen nose, it’s likely to be the first thing you notice. Some people are born with noses that don’t fit their faces, other people get their nose broken as they’re growing up.

This can lead to a slew of issues with one’s face. Sometimes, the only option is to get it medically changed.

As for celebrities, there are reasons why they would get cosmetic surgery. They could be trying to get the big break they’ve been aiming for and might think changing their look will work.

They could also be trying to keep hold of their beauty status, which might only be achieved through getting permanent changes to their body. Make-up and clothing can only go so far in changing someone’s look.

Nowadays, there are many different techniques with which to change the nose. There are three incisions that are used to do different things to the nose. They are open, closed, and tiplasty.

As the name suggests, a tiplasty focuses on the tip of the nose. A lot of the time, this is the problem spot on someone’s nose. The tip of the nose is generally the largest part of the nose, but sometimes is just too big.

A tiplasty only changes the tip of the nose and all of the incisions are on the inside of the nose, ensuring that there aren’t any visible scars.

The closed incision is also done on the inside of the nose. This can change the bridge of the nose, but it will be minimal changes. There simply isn’t enough room in the incision to change a large amount in the nose.

Finally, the open incision can change the most on the nose. This is very good for completely transforming a nose, as there is a ton of room to reach the nasal structures.

With this incision, it’s sometimes necessary to have an incision on the outside of the nose as well, if there needs to be more work done than the internal incision can do.

There are definitely some possible side effects with a rhinoplasty. As with any cosmetic or plastic surgery, you need to make sure your surgeon will do the best possible job. Sometimes, this means paying a little extra, but it’s either pay a little extra now or a lot extra later.

There’s the possibility that the change in the nose won’t be what you had been expecting. It could be such a drastic change that you just weren’t ready for it or it could completely change the look of your face, and not for the better.

Having a reliable surgeon who will listen to what you want is key, especially with this.

There’s also the possibility of a small hole forming in your septum, which is the cartilage that separates the two nostrils. Sometimes, this hole could get bigger and contribute to nose bleeds. Otherwise, this isn’t a terrible side effect. The small hole may make a whistling noise when inhaling and exhaling.

Park Shin-Hye’s nose looks to be very successful if she actually did go through with it. Out of the different incision options, it seems that she most likely would have gotten a tiplasty and possible a closed incision as well.

The bridge of her nose does appear slimmer, but it’s a very slight difference, making it hard to determine. The tip of her nose has a bit more change in it, but that could very well be the angle or the lighting.

Either way, she is incredibly beautiful and attractive. If she never got surgery, her natural beauty is amazing and stunning. If she did get surgery, it was only to enhance what beauty she already had.

The Verdict?

Sometimes, the pictures we see of celebrities really aren’t who they are. Photographers have many ways of editing photos and changing how the general public sees them.

Even the most well-loved celebrities will be subject to the harsh eye of a photographer, who will see their imperfections up close.

Make-up, healthy eating, and exercise can only bring someone so far. If a part of their body truly isn’t symmetrical with the rest of their body, it’s easily seen and can be incredibly embarrassing.

This especially holds true with facial structures. The more skewed the nose, eyes, or mouth look on their face, the more they will want to change them because of how much people will be staring and talking about them.

People with natural beauty are definitely the lucky ones. They don’t have to deal with people talking about their bad looks behind their back. If Shin-Hye is all natural, she is definitely one of the lucky ones.

Shin-Hye is very loved by her fans and other people. It’s completely possible that her healthy eating and exercising could lead to her beauty being completely natural, but do we really know?

The only people that will ever know is her, her potential surgeon, and anyone close to her that she might have told.

What’s your opinion? Did you see any sign of cosmetic surgery?


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