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Park Si Yeon Plastic Surgery, Fact or Rumor?

Park Si Yeon is a very gorgeous Korean celebrity. She had already starred many popular Korean Dramas that you might ever watch. “My Girl”, “Coffee House” and “Family Outing” are some of her popular dramas. However, her beautiful looked was said as the result of plastic surgery treatment. In some discussion forums, Park Si Yeon plastic surgery had been very popular. Some of them even feel shocked with her significant changes.

Park Si Yeon Plastic Surgery
Park Si Yeon Plastic Surgery

Double eyelid surgery

This procedure is the most possible plastic surgery that she got. This case is no longer rare thing for Korean people. Many Korean celebrity had already tried having this procedure. You can try to compare between her before and after picture. Did you see the difference? the double eyelid might have been done. As the result,her eyes looked more open now. However, her great fans didn’t agree it.

Park Si Yeon Plastic Surgery before and After
Park Si Yeon Plastic Surgery before and After

Nose Job

Beside making her eyes fresher and more open, Park Si Yeon might also got a nose job (rhinoplasty). The procedure effect can be seen from her new nose. the pictures showed that the nose looked different from before. She got her nose done.

This plastic surgery speculation is still debatable. Her fans believed that the changes on her face was the effect of light or Photoshop. Park Si Yeon herself didn’t explain about it yet. This Korean plastic surgery rumor is still floating. That’s why the people still keep discussing about it till now. What do you have in mind? Did you think that she got plastic surgery?

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