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Patti Stanger Plastic Surgery Before and After

Plastic surgery had become a need for some people. Especially for the one who wanted to gt the best look. However not all of them would love to share about their experience or expectation from the plastic surgery that they got.
Patti stranger,a TV personality and also business woman had openly explain about how well the plastic surgery could save her beauty. The 53 years old millionaire match maker looked fresh and youthful today. She explained that she had gone under the knife 5 years ago. Some parts of her body that got surgery including her face, eyes and the breast.

Patti Stranger Plastic Surgery Before and After
Patti Stranger Plastic Surgery Before and After

Patti looked so confident after going under the facelift. You can see her current appearance in the “after” picture. Patti got tighter facial skin. The work looked nice and not overdone. The plastic surgeon had done great thing. Patti expressed that she felt younger after having the procedure.

Eyelid surgery

Beside facelift, her eyes also got an enhancement through eyelid surgery.This procedure had successfully made her eyes fresher without wrinkles and bags surround it.It also made the droopy eyelids fixed. Ad the result she reappeared with younger look even though in truth she is getting older.

Patti Stranger Plastic Surgery
Patti Stranger Plastic Surgery

breast reduction

Patti Stranger also confidently tell the media that she got breast reduction few years ago. however, she didn’t give any explanation about why she need to reduce the size of her breast. Some people assumed if her big breast in the past made her uncomfortable.

Patti Stranger looked so confident after the plastic surgery she got. Many people are still waiting and wondered what she would do next.

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