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Paul McCartney Plastic Surgery Before and After

If you really love music, then you must know Paul McCartney so well. He used to be a member of legendary british band, The Beatles. Sir Paul McCartney is actually 72 years old now. But his appearance looked fresh and youthful, He looked having lack of problems with the aging. That’s why many people think that Paul got some plastic surgeries to refine himself and stay youthful.

Don’t you believe it? Media and people speculated some plastic surgeries that he probably did. They were botox injection, eyelid surgery, and hair transpalant. A popular plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Salzhauer notice them as well. She found that those 3 speculation could be true. You can find it by comparing his pictures.

Paul McCartney Plastic Surgery Before and After
Paul McCartney Plastic Surgery Before and After

the first procedure which he got to fight the aging is the botox injection. As everybody know, Paul McCartney is not young anymore. And the main problem in the old age is the sign of aging like wrinkles. In Sir Paul’s case, the botox had made his forehead looked better and fresher. The wrinkles that shoukd appear looked decreased.The botox might remove it instantly. He looked younger now. The botox was done well, right?

The Eyelid Surgery
this proceedure is medically known as blepharoplasty.The sign that show Mr. paul got this procedure can be seen obviously from his before andafter photo. Paul used to have droopy eyes as the effect of being old. And this could be the reason why he took blepharoplasty. He wanted to refresh his eyes and rejuvenated it to get better look. Nowadays, he no longer got droopy eyes. The bags under his eyes is no longer exist.

paul mcCartney Plastic surgery
Paul McCartney Plastic Surgery

Hair Transpalant
and another procedre that he took so far was the hair tranplant. He might get problem on his hair too. By having hair transplant, his hair today looked grown well. Of course, this procedure will help him to stay younger than he must be.

Talking about his current appearance, unlike other celebrities who got facelift and botox in one set, Paul Mccartney didn’take the facelift. He let his sagging skin appeared on his face. He might think to not to go further. Because not all the celebrities will get better look through plastic surgery.

Paul McCartney might enjoy his decison, he looked very good for a 72 years man.


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