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Paul Stanley Plastic Surgery Before and After

Paul Stanley is a member of rock band Kiss. Paul is the guitarist. Despite he is already a veteran, his name is still warm in people’s discussion. The people doesn’t only talk about his great era with Kiss, but also his appearance nowadays. Paul Stanley didn’t look natural. his appearance looked more like plastic surgery results.

What Kinds of Plastic Surgery that He Got?

Considering from his current appearance, it seems he had gone under multiple surgeries, including facelift, eyelid surgery, botox and rhinoplasty.

Paul Stanley Plastic Surgery Before and After
Paul Stanley Plastic Surgery Before and After

Paul Stanley Facelift and Botox

Paul might get botox and facelift in order to fight his aging problem. You can see the result from his current look. He doesn’t have any sagging skin. And his forehead looks smooth and wrinkle-less. It’s unusual for a common 60s man. However, his face looked so tight and a bit frozen. He appeared with unnatural look.

Some people criticized the way he maintained his face. The botox also looked overdone. It even made his brow lifted. Fortunately the combination of those procedures didn’t make too much problem with his face. You might remember how poor this thing happened in Axl Rose. Paul should be grateful for this.

Paul Stanley Plastic Surgery
Paul Stanley Plastic Surgery

Eyelid Surgery and Lip Injection

His eyes and lips might also got a treatment. in order to make the rejuvenation complete, it seems he had already got eyelid surgery. This procedure helped him in making the eyes looked fresher without wrinkles and bags surround his eyes. While the lips looked having fillers injection to make it a bit fuller.

Paul Stanley Nose Job

Another surgery that made his face different was a nose job (called rhinoplasty in medical word). Paul got different shape of nose. You might feel the change as well. Take a look at the nose shape. The change can be seen from the bridge shape. However, some people thought that it was the aging effect.

Seeing from Paul Stanley plastic surgery result, it looked obvious that he is struggling to fight the aging problem. Despite the people thought that it was overdone, Paul is still able to smile. Because it didn’t make too much trouble for his face. What do you have in mind about it? Leave a comment and share to your friends.

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