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Pete Burns Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong Before and After

Pete Burn is known well as an English song-writer. He loved appearing with eccentric look. But so sad, he was listed as one of the scariest plastic surgery victims. He is completely unrecognizable. What happen to him? If you never see him before, you might think that the after picture was a woman. But in truth, this is Pete burns transformation. (see also Amanda Lepore with plastic surgery).

He got overdone plastic surgeries. The plastic surgery had gone wrong. Those procedures included nose job, lip augmentation, cheek implants, facelift.

Pete Burns Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong
Pete Burns Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

Facelift and botox
the 55 years old man might get facelift and botox injection to remove the sign of aging. The facelift had tightened his face till frozen. It’s a very regretful decision.He didn’t get any advantage doing the facelift. The wrinkle-less forehead also was caused by the overdone botox injection usage.

Cheek implants

The second procedure can be seen from the shape of his cheek. It looked fuller and swollen. The cheek looked too full. Due to it’s unusual shape, it showed the sign of implant that have been inserted in the right and the left side of his face. You can compare the similarity of his cheek to Lil Kim. we guess they got same problem.

Pete Burns Plastic Gone Wrong Before and After
Pete Burns Plastic Gone Wrong Before and After

Lip implants

This procedure is the thing that made a lot of people shocked and frightened. His lips had turned into a mouth-fish. The shape of the lips looked so weird and thick. It’s no longer a filers injection. It’s lip implant.

Surprisingly, even though he knew that the plastic surgery was overdone, he ever told the public that he will do couple of surgeries in the future.Is he a plastic surgery lovers? why did he do such a procedure that burn out his original image? He was even listed as one of the worst of plastic surgery cases ever

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