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Petra Nemcova Plastic Surgery Before and After

Petra Nemcova, 35, is best known as a Czech model. Despite her age is getting older, her appearance still looked beautiful and fresh. She even looked younger than her age. it invited a lot of questions from the public, especially her fans. Many people wondered what she got to make herself so youthful. The thread of Petra Nemcova plastic surgery appeared as one of hot topics in some forums. Some people believed that Petra has gone under multiple surgeries as beauty enhancement.

Petra Nemcova Plastic Surgery Nose Job
Petra Nemcova Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Reported by MyDocHub, A popular plastic surgeon, Dr. Michael Salzhauer even join to comment this thread few years ago. The doctor saw that Petra Nemcova might have some plastic surgery done. those surgeries including nose job, breast implants, botox and fillers injection too.

Did Petra really get plastic surgery?

The doctor’s statement might be reasonable. Firstly, we would see how well the nose job appear as one of plastic surgery that she got. Compare to her old nose, the new one looked having straighter and narrower shape. The tip of her nose also looked smaller and elevated up a bit. It might e a minor work of a nose job (rhinoplasty)

Petra’s current breasts also got bigger and rounder than before. As a model, she might want to appear sexily and hot in front of camera. It might be one of the reason why she got her boob done. Its perfect shape was indicated as a breast implants.

Petra Nemcova Plastic Surgery
Petra Nemcova Plastic Surgery

Beside enhancing her appearance with those two changes (the nose and breasts), The model also might get botox injection and fillers injection to keep her appearance fresher as always. the sign of botox was seen from her face. It appeared smoothly without wrinkles and lines. It made her appearance younger. e still believed that Petra Nemcova got regular botox injection till now.

While the fillers injection might be done on her lips. It might be the reason why she got fuller and sexier lips like today.

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