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Pinocchio Actor, Lee Jong Suk Plastic surgery

Lee Jong Suk is one of Korea’s biggest and most loved actors of the moment. He started out as a model in 2005 at the tender age of 15, securing the title of the youngest male model of the Seoul Collection Program at Seoul Fashion Week. Born is 1989, Lee Jong Suk has seamlessly made the transition from model to actor and is the star of many popular South Korean television dramas.

Lee Jong Suk recently become hot topic. Many people talking about him who played a main role in Pinocchio, alongside Park Shin Hye. Lee Jong Suk got a handsome appearance. And many women said that he looked so cute and an ideal type for Park Shin Hye.

Lee Jong Suk Plastic Surgery
Lee Jong Suk Plastic Surgery

Behind his good looking, we noticed that Lee jong Suk got surgery so far. By comparing the before and after picture, you might find something interesting on his face? Did you find it? the 25 years old actor looked having a nose job (rhinoplasty) 

Has Lee Jong Suk had a Nose job?

As with a lot of celebrities whose appearance has changed over the years, Lee Jong Suk has got people wondering if he has had some work done.

The reason that we end up asking this question is because we can see from photos taken over the years that their faces do change. The big question is whether the changes are because of natural occurrences or because they have had a little help from a plastic surgeon.

Seeing as Lee Jong Suk started his career at such a young age; 15, the changes that we see in his face may not come from surgery but have occurred as he went through puberty.

Another factor that could affect his appearance is his diet, if he has chosen a healthier life style then he may have lost weight from his face, giving his nose the appearance of being surgically altered, when in fact it was just a loss of fat.

So we need to look at the evidence to decide whether we think Lee Jong Suk has had work done on his nose.

Looking at the two pictures above it would seem that the change on the nose looked clear. If you see the pictures, you can see that his old nose looked having bigger shape, the bridge of his nose does look far wider in the second picture compared to the first. It also got a more bulbous tip. After the nose job done, his nose turned into a slimmer nose with a more pointed tip.

Plastic Surgery in South Korea

Plastic surgery in South Korea is common. In fact, it is the South Asian country with the most plastic surgery procedures carried out per capita, per year. It is also attracting a lot of clients from overseas. Recently the country started offering 10% tax breaks for those travelling from elsewhere. The reason that South Korea is so popular as a destination to have plastic surgery is because it is one of the cheapest places in Asia to have it done. It is less expensive to undergo plastic surgery in South Korea than it is Japan or Singapore.

Another reason that South Korea is so popular, is the high standard of the procedures it carries out. Only the top 1% who graduate from medical school are allowed to become plastic surgeons.

Among the Korean plastic surgery cases, nose job might be one of the most popular procedure that many celebrities get. Some other male actors who are said to have had nose job are Lee min Ho, Jang Geun Suk, Kim Hyun Joong, and etc.

Talking about the change on Lee Jong Suk’s nose. It was actually done very well. The nose looked better now.

Why Would Lee Jong Suk have a Nose Job?lee-jong-suk-plastic-surgery-before-and-after-photos

South Korea is a competitive nation, especially the capital city; Seoul. It is seen as normal for people to compete against each other for jobs and for ranking within society. One of the things that people get ranked on is their attractiveness.

In South Korea it is common practice for people to include a photo with their resume, meaning that they are expecting their potential boss to not only judge their work history but also their looks.

As this is the culture that Lee Jong Suk belongs to, it would make sense that his looks would be important to him, especially as he is an actor and a model.lee-jong-suk-nose-job

A recent survey of 414 of South Korea’s women saw them discussing plastic surgery on men. Here are some of the study’s findings;

  • 73% saw nothing wrong with men having plastic surgery


  • 33% thought it would help boost their competitiveness
  • 27% thought it would improve a man’s confidence
  • 24% felt it would give a man personal satisfaction
  • 35% of those polled thought a man’s appearance affected his success in society greatly
  • 53% felt that his success in society was affected to some extent.

With figures like these it would appear that the men of South Korea have the backing of the women to go ahead and get plastic surgery. The acting world is notoriously competitive, with a lot of actors going up for the same roles, so if a nose job can make Lee Jong Suk feel more competitive and more confident, this could be the reason why he had a nose job.

Lee Jong Suk Is Not Alone

If Jong Suk has decided to go under the knife and have his nose altered, he would certainly not be alone.

Considering plastic surgery is so popular in South Korea is does not come as a surprise that other well-known celebrities have had work done. Lee Min Ho, Lee Si Young, Kim Hyun Joong and Park Shin Hye have undergone cosmetic surgery to improve their look. And Lee Jong Suk’s closest friend Kim Woo Bin is also rumoured to have had his nose altered by a plastic surgeon.

In South Korea looking young and fresh is important. Many high school graduates are given plastic surgery as a graduation gift when they are 18.

This leads to people expecting to see others looking young and fresh, which is why so many people on television in Korea feel the pressure to undergo surgical procedures.

This seems to be why so many young and already attractive and successful actors and actresses choose to have plastic surgery. If they are not seen as a reflection of the young and fresh South Korea, then the chances are they will be passed over for the role and it will go to someone who is willing to look the right way.

He’s Best Friends with Kim Woo Bin

The two actors and models have known each other for a long time; dating as far back as when they were both models.

When they appeared on the hit drama Schools together in 2013 they became close and now consider each other their best friend.

Lee Jong Suk even stated that Kim Woo Bin is the ‘only friend that he can depend on when he has something he’s worried about’.

However, the media has displayed the two friends as rivals in the past due to their being considered for the same roles and modelling contracts.

This is all significant to the question of whether Lee Jong Suk has had plastic surgery because it has also been reported that Kim Woo Bin has had plastic surgery on his nose.

Therefore, we may want to ask the question whether Lee Jong Suk would be more inclined to get his nose altered if his friend has had it done.

It would certainly seem more likely that he would get plastic surgery if the two are rivals, as there would be a certain level of competition there to look better than the other guy.

Our Conclusion

There are many reasons why Lee Jong Suk might have chosen to have plastic surgery on his nose.

As we have noted above; many other high profile Korean actors and actresses have had work done. There is clearly a lot of talent in South Korea and there are only a finite amount of television and film roles. Lee Jong Suk would feel a lot of pressure to keep up with his peers and keep himself in the running for the roles. When other actors are getting plastic surgery, it can be difficult to decide whether or not to join them. If he stands his ground he may end up losing out as he does not have the right face for the role, even though he is staying natural.

Plastic surgery amongst young people in Korea is common, young people do not bat an eyelid at being given plastic surgery as a graduation present.

A lot of young people like to see their television stars looking like them, and especially looking like a more attractive version of them. If the television stars look older and less attractive than them and they’re friends, they will be put off from watching them on television. This must a lot of pressure on actors, like Lee Jong Suk to look young and fresh so that audiences will want to keep watching him.

As the survey we looked at made clear; women expect men who have had plastic surgery to be more competitive and more confident. There is pressure on men to conform to the way that women see them.

Lee Jong Suk’s best friend; Kim Woo Bin has been rumoured to have had plastic surgery and we know that the two men are close, with Jong Suk revealing that he will go to Woo Bin with his worries. When two people are so close it is common for them to believe that something is ok to do, especially if the other person has done it. So if one of them had the procedure done, then it would not be that surprising if the other saw the result and decided to copy it.

Can it really be that much of a coincidence that they are both rumoured to have had the same nose procedure done?

Taking a nice close look at Lee Jong Suk’s nose we do believe that he may have gone under the knife.

The reason we think this is because the bridge (the long bit) does look much slimmer than it used to. Also, the tip, which used to be more bulbous and wide has now taken on a more pointed appearance.

It is our opinion that you cannot achieve this look from going through puberty or losing weight. However, his nose does look good, so we should definitely send our congratulations to Lee Jong Suk and his plastic surgeon as he did a great job.

What do you think of this? Does he look better with the nose job? Or you have different idea about the change on the nose. Don’t forget to comment and share.


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