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‘Plan Man’ Star, Han Ji Min Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox

If you are a Korean lovers, then you might know Han Ji Min pretty well. The 32 years old actress appeared in a popular Korean Drama “Dae Jang Geum” (2003-2004). It has been more than 10 years since her appearance in that drama. In 2014, she took a role in sweet Korean Movie “Plan Man”. Now she had changed. Many people noticed that the changes on her appearance is not only caused by the aging. But she looked having beauty enhancement on her appearance too. Han Ji Min possibly got botox injection.

Han Ji Min Plastic Surgery
Han Ji Min Plastic Surgery

The botox might be the reason why her appearance looked so smooth today. Her face looked wrinkle-less. In some celebrity cases, they would love to have botox injection to refresh their appearance. Han Ji Min might get it as well. Her forehead looked so smooth and fresh. She looked younger than she should be.

Korean plastic surgery is commonly closed to nose job and double eyelid surgery. How is Han Ji Min? We didn’t see a sign  of double eyelid surgery, because she already got big eyes since she was young. She might be proud of it. She didn’t need to spend some money to refine her eyes.

Han ji Min Younger
Han ji Min Younger

Talking about a nose job,it’s actually still a rumor. By comparing the before and after picture, she looked having different shape of nose.But it’s still unproven. this could be the effect of lighting.

What do you have in mid about her new look? Does she look great? Did you think that she got nose job? Tell us in the comment box.

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