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Porsha Stewart Plastic Surgery Before and After

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Porsha Stewart had already admitted about having plastic surgery. It made the people knew that almost all the members of The Real Housewives star had gone under the knife. One of them was Kim Richards. She had already done some procedures (read more about Kim Richards plastic surgery).

Porsha Stewart Plastic Surgery Breast Implants
Porsha Stewart Plastic Surgery Breast Implants

In an interview last year, 2014. Porsha had publicly told that she had surgery on her body. That was the boobs. Yes, she admitted having a breast implants. You may see the result of the boob job in the before and after picture. Having big boobs had been dreamed by a lot of women. Because many of them thought it was the symbol of sexiness. And they can feel more confident.

By having the boob job, Porsha looked more attractive and sexier with the curvy body. Porsha Stewart breast implants looked done well. She must be very pleased with it.  Moreover at that time, she also got 10 lb. weight loss. She had successfully build up her sexy image as a popular person. Some people wondered if she did more surgery to get the losing weight. But in fact, she didn’t do it. Porsha told that she got a lot of exercises.

“I do 100 squats when I get up and 100 before bed”

The 34 years old actress looks enjoying her current look. She just did an improvement like another star of The real Housewives Atlanta, Nene Leakes. Nene had gone under breast implants. And she also got her nose done (See more about Nene Leakes plastic surgery).

What do you have in mind about Porsha Stewart plastic surgery? Did she do the right thing? Leave your opinion then.

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