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Portia De Rossi Nose Job Before and After

Arrested Development star, Portia De Rossi become nice topic recently due to her new appearance. Portia appeared again in a new look. She got a difference on her face. However, the change on her appearance even made her nearly unrecognizable.

Seeing from her current appearance, it seems she had got under multiple plastic surgery like botox, facelift and nose job. The nose job (rhinoplasty) is the main plastic surgery that change her face a lot.

Portia De Rossi Nose Job
Portia De Rossi Nose Job

nose job

Nose job is no longer rare thing in America, Many celebrity had already try this procedure and felt the sensation. It had become a big trend. Some celebrities got better look, but some others didn’t get the expectation. You might remember how Jennifer Grey lose her identity as an actress after she restructure her nose.

Portia De Rossi might get a nose job. this procedure had clearly changed the shape of her nose. If you look at the before picture, you can see that, Portia used to have wider nose. and tip looked more bulbous too. After having the rhinoplasty, the nose had transformed into a narrower nose. Moreover, she no longer got bulbous nose. The tip had been done and reshaped to be a smaller tip.

her nose was done nicely, however, many people think that she didn’t need to go through this. they like her previous nose better. What do you have in mind with this little story? Do you think that she needed the surgery? Share your comment then.

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