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Rachel McAdams Plastic Surgery Before and After

Rachel McAdams is a Canadian actress. She is 36 years old now. You must know her from several movies like Mean Girl, etc. She also take a role as Irene Adler in “Sherlock Holmes” (2009). She played alongside Robert Downey Jr (See Robert Downey Jr Plastic Surgery). We have no doubt that she is very attractive, talented and beautiful actress. Talking about her appearance, some people and plastic surgery experts noticed that Rachel may get beauty enhancement. Rachel McAdams plastic surgery had become a hot thread since she was 30. Reported in makemeheal, some experts explained if they saw rhinoplasty and botox injection on her face.

Rachel McAdams Plastic Surgery Before and After
Rachel McAdams Plastic Surgery Before and After

What did the experts said?

Dr. David Shafer said that he saw botox and fillers injection. The botox was seen from the surface of her forehead. While the filers injection was on her cheek. Besides, Dr. Shafer also noticed a nose refinement that could be a rhinoplasty result.

Dr. John Di Saia believed that Rachel Adams might get at least one procedure, a nose job.

Another rhinoplasty expert, Dr. Paul Nassif noticed Rachel Adams nose job too. To makemeheal, the doctor explained some signs of this procedure. First, the right middle vault and the cartilage looked collapsing. The collapsed middle vault caused her nose looked twisted. However, Dr Paul saw that her nose was over-reduced, so that it is collapsing and pinching as well.

Rachel McAdams Nose Job
Rachel McAdams Nose Job

Rachel McAdams nose job looks obvious. But not all the experts seems agree with this speculation. Dr. Sherrel j. Ashton got different opinion related to Rachel McAdams plastic surgery. Dr. Sharrel believed that Rachel didn’t do anything on her face. She looked natural as always. How about you? Did you see the change on her nose as rhinoplasty?

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The botox and fillers.

As Dr. David Shafer had said, there was a possibility of botox and fillers use. The botox could be the reason why she got smooth and wrinkle-less look. It won’t be too surprising if she got advantage from this procedure to keep her youthful look. She might get botox regularly till now.

What do you think of Rachel McAdams plastic surgery? Did she get a good nose job?

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