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Rapper “Future” Net Worth 2016

Perhaps his name suits his career prospects better than anything else, “Future” the rapper is currently one of those artists who are rising in the American music industry and that rise is backed up by his stats of net worth earned since his debut. Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn, famously known as “Future” the rapper is considered to be one of the finest voice quality rappers in the American rappers group. “Future” the rapper debuted in 2011 and since then he has made some good contributions to Hip Hop music as well as earning some good wealth from his works as well. “Future” the rapper’s net worth in 2015 is a good $5 million @ annual earnings of $2, 500, 000 effectively. Now this statistics sounds quite strong for a rapper in his early years of the career, but there is more to this story which we have unfolded below for you to read.

In the last 10 months of 2015, “Future” the rapper has made a staggering $1 million, a sum that many artists couldn’t even earn in a 12-month year. We will now see what most of the successful mainstream music from him has been responsible throughout his career to earn him good cash. Here are the stats:

Music Albums:

  • Streetz Calling – $480, 000
  • Future Hendrix – $1, 250, 660
  • Pluto – $2, 000, 000
  • Welcome 2 Mollyworld – $1, 000, 000

“Future” the rapper’s biggest hit till date was his album “Pluto” launched in 2012, making him earn a good $2 million alone by its hit songs. Although, rappers are not genuinely considered to be a complete “singer” but along with rapping some of the good rappers can throw a tune of their own voice as a playback singer as well. Anyways, the accepted principle rule of the showbiz industry (anywhere on Earth) is to recognize only those individuals the most who brings money in the industry on the most. This rule of law in showbiz generally kills some of the intellectuals who focuses more on creativity, purpose, and aim, apart from making huge bucks. But “Future” the rapper has both in his sights, money and skills, and if we judge the rise in his growth of net worth annually since 2011, we will assure by the stats of his rising in the industry, not of falling downwards. Here are his annual net worth stats since 2011:

“Future” the rapper net worth annually:

  • 2011: $1, 000, 000
  • 2012: $1, 355, 932
  • 2013: $2, 666, 667
  • 2014: $4, 000, 000
  • 2015: $5, 000, 000

So, as we can see that as the each year passes, “Future” the rappers net worth is increasing by good multitudes. Plus, he also got some good compensation from the songs he writes and music he produces, this is an extra-income factor for “Future” rapper. As 2016 has arrived, we will continue to see who ranks well in net worth calculation in this year and how much “Future” the rapper will make in 2016, let time tell us about this in peace.

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