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Raquel Welch Plastic Surgery Before and After

Raquel Welch is known well as an actress. You might feel very surprised if you know the fact. Raquel Welch is 74 years old now. She is a veteran actress. Raquel Welch today still looked very youthful and fresh. She look like 30 years younger woman. Therefore, she was said having plastic surgeries to maintain her beauty and do some enhancements to make it perfect. The beautiful lady might have botox, facelift, nose job and breast implant.

Raquel Welch Plastic Surgery
Raquel Welch Plastic Surgery

botox and facelift

these two plastic surgeries might have been done by her. You can see how she look like today. Her face looked so flawless and fresh. There’s no doubt if it was caused by the botox and facelift. The botox had removed the wrinkles on her forehead while the facelift had tightened her face too. the result of those procedures is so great.
the person who doesn’t know her yet won’t be able to guess her age.

Beside fighting the aging with facelift and botox injection, Raquel also got other two enhancement to make a better look. She got a nose job and breast implants

nose job
the nose job work was seen obviously on her face. the nose looked reshaped. Raquel used to have a wider nose with a bulbous tip. Now the wide nose had been narrower. She might be influenced by other celebrity who loves doing nose jon this time.The nose job (rhinoplasty) is quite popular in recent years.

Raquel Welch Plastic Surgery Breast implants
Raquel Welch Plastic Surgery Breast implants

Breast Implants
another enhancement that Raquel got was the breast implants. this procedure had resize her breast to be bigger and rounder now.By having this procedure her breast could stay away from the sagging breast. For a woman in that age, 70s, she looked great and sexy,

Talking about the plastic surgery that she got. She ever told Oprah that she never tried any kinds of plastic surgeries. She claimed that the healthy lifestyle and exercises were the reason why she got perfect look today.

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