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Rashida Jones Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor

Rashida Jones is an American actress. And you may know her so well for her role portraying Angie Tribeca. Don’t you know that the 39 years old actress was listed among the celebrities who possibly got plastic surgery?

Rashida Jones Nose Job

The thread of Rashida Jones plastic surgery became quite popular in forums after Rashida posted her old school photos to public. There’s a big indication that she got a rhinoplasty (nose job).

Rashida Plastic Surgery Nose job
Rashida Plastic Surgery Nose job

You may try to compare the before and after picture. There is an obvious change on the shape of her nose. Her current nose looked slimmer and better. However, not all the people seem agree with Rashida Jones nose job. Some other people believed that she didn’t get any surgery done. They are sure that the change on the nose was the effect of growth

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Rashida may also get botox injection to save her youthful look. Considering from her age and her look, it was possible. Moreover, Rashida worked in Entertainment industry. The usage of botox injection in celebrity world was no longer new thing. It was not too surprising if she got botox.

It’s so unfortunate that Rashida has not confirmed anything about it. Therefore the speculation was still debatable.  What do you have in mind about Rashida Jones Plastic Surgery?

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