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Ray Liotta Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong Before and After

Plastic surgery is not a nice friend. You might think of this after seeing what happen to Ray Liotta. he didn’t look great after having plastic surgery. He is one of the plastic surgery victim.

the 59 years old actor looked having very bad moment with some procedures. he got facelift, botox and fillers injection

Ray Liotta Plastic Surgery Before and After
Ray Liotta Plastic Surgery Before and After


he has a reason to get a facelift.he might want to keep his face stay youthful. However, his plan went badly. the facelift had tightened his face, and keep him away from sagging skin. But the facelift looked too tight. he got unnatural look and almost frozen.

the botox injection commonly will have good combination with facelift to fight aging.In this case, ray got too much amount of botox on his forehead. That area looked so plastic.Many fans of him feel sympathy on this disaster. the good looking man must accept the truth that he looked so unnatural.

Ray Liotta and Kim Novak Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong
Ray Liotta and Kim Novak Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong

and the fillers injection made it worse. Dr. Anthony Youn,a plastic surgeon noticed the fillers injection had been used by him to refresh some parts of his face. but, sadly, the fillers even made he lost his natural smile. It left bad sign surround her lips area and the cheek. From some of view. He look like Kim Novak after the plastic surgery. Both Ray and Kim got a very bad plastic surgery.

Many people questioned who was the doctor behind it. and they also wished that ray could be better in the near future. That’s why a plastic surgery is not always a good thing to do. living in more natural way is the best choice.

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