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Revenge Star, Madeleine Stowe Plastic Surgery Before and After

Madelaine Stowe is so gorgeous and attractive. Even though her age has been 56 today, but her appearance didn’t look that old. That’s why a lot of people wondered if she had gone under he knife to keep her beauty till now. The beautiful star of Drama “Revenge” (since 2011) might do some things on her face. At least, she might have regular botox injection and eyelid surgery too.

Madeleine Stowe Plastic Surgery
Madeleine Stowe Plastic Surgery

Madelaine Botox injection

Talking about botox, many people had already understood that this procedure had   special place in many people’s heart, especially the celebrities. Botox had become a need and a secret weapon in fighting the aging problem. It even can help the user to be younger than he/she must be. Of course it should be done nicely and not overdone.

In Madelaine’s case, she might get this botox regularly for years. You can see that her face looked so gorgeous and youthful even though she is nearly 60.  The botox might be the reason why she didn’t have any wrinkles or lines on her face.  Those signs of aging may have been removed with the botox. She is good enough in controlling the amount of it. So that, her face looked fine.

Madeleine Stowe Plastic Surgery Before and After
Madeleine Stowe Plastic Surgery Before and After

Eyelid surgery

The second procedure that got a role in rejuvenating her face was the eyelid surgery. This procedure is one of the people’s favorite. It’s a supporting procedure to save youthful appearance. The eyelid surgery looked maintaining her eyes nicely. As the result, Madelaine didn’t have wrinkles or bags around her eyes. This area looks fresh and youthful for her age.

Beside rejuvenating her face through botox and eyelid surgery, she might also get fillers injection on her lips.If you see her current appearance, you might realize that her lips looked more juicy and sexier right? She possibly injected some kinds of fillers like juvederm or restylane in it.

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