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Rita Wilson Plastic Surgery Before and After

Rita Wilson is Tom Hank’s wife (Earlier, we already discussed about Tom Hanks plastic surgery possibility). Both couple are known well as American actor and actress. Rita Wilson, 58, had already become hot topic for years due to her fresh look in this age. Rita was said having plastic surgery to keep her face rejuvenated. The sign of facelift was seen clearly on her face. She was also reported having breast implants. And recently, Rita had surprised us. She told that she got two mastectomy procedure to remove the breast cancer.

Rita Wilson Plastic Surgery Facelift
Rita Wilson Plastic Surgery Facelift

Rita Wilson Facelift and Botox Injection

You can see the facelift result clearly on her face. This plastic surgery work made her facial skin tighter than before. For a woman in the same age, she looks too good. However, we can’t say it as a good work. The facelift looked a bit overdone. Her face looked having little difficulty to smile. It’s a bit frozen. Besides, the usage of botox should be the reason why she got a very smooth and wrinkle-less forehead.

Rita Wilson Breast Implants
Rita Wilson Breast Implants

Rita Wilson Breast Implants

Rita Wilson was also reported having a surgery to make her breast bigger than before. You can find it in the before an after picture. She got bigger and rounder breasts after the boob job. However, she needed to recover her body from the breast cancer. Therefore, she went under two mastectomy.

Breast Cancer and Mastectomy

Recently, Rita Wilson surprisingly told that she was diagnosed to have breast cancer by doctor. For the health reason, she went under surgery and survived from cancer. To “People”, she told that now she was recovering. She hoped that she could be fully fit soon.  This case reminded us to another popular actress and a breast cancer survival, Angelina Jolie (see more Angelina Jolie plastic surgery).

We hope that she will recover soon and back to her activity. Leave a comment and don’t forget to share this post.


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