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Rob Lowe Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Rob Lowe is an American actor. And he is not young anymore. The 50 years old actor now is popular for his role in a TV Series “Parks and Recreation”. Talking about Rob Lowe plastic surgery news, it’s actually no longer new thing. Some medias had already made this thread as a topic for discussion.

Rob Lowe has changed a lot. His face didn’t only get fresher look, but his face also got shape changing.  It was caused by some procedures including botox injection, chin and jaw surgery. When he was asked about the speculations, Rob Lowe claimed that the news was jut a pure speculation. He stated that he didn’t do any plastic surgery so far. It was a gift from God. Let’s check this out.

Rob Lowe Plastic Surgery
Rob Lowe Plastic Surgery

Rob Lowe Botox Injection

It won’t be too surprising if he got botox. We can see it clearly from his appearance. He didn’t get any wrinkles as sign of aging. His forehead looked smooth and flawless. Despite the sign of botox was seen, he never admit it. Talking about his smooth look, he might get an overdone work, his face looked a bit frozen. The people saw that he got difficulty in moving is face naturally.

Rob Lowe Chin Surgery And the Jaw

Now, you try to see  the shape of his face. It appeared obviously that his face has been reshaped. There’s an indication that he got a jaw surgery. However, this could be the effect of weight loss that made his jaw different. But, the chin surgery might be not able to be denied. The chin has changed significantly. The chin looked fuller.

Rob Lowe Plastic Surgery Before and After
Rob Lowe Plastic Surgery Before and After

Beside those surgeries, Rob Lowe might also get a nose job (rhinoplasty). The picture showed that the shape of the nose looked different. His new nose appeared with slimmer shape and a smaller tip as well.

Even though Rob Lowe plastic surgery speculation was denied by himself. The people didn’t have the same idea as him. They strongly believed that Rob had done some tings on his face.

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