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Robert Redford Plastic Surgery Before and After

Plastic surgery doesn’t only attract the female celebrities but also the men. Robert Redford,  77 (age), was said as one of the men who went under the knife and try to fight the aging. Many people asked why he need to do it. Some people even said that he just did something useless and wasted a lot of money for fake. What kinds of plastic surgeries he did? Was it bad or good? Take a look at the before and the after picture then decide it.

Some plastic surgeries that many people noticed were facelift, eyelid surgery and the cheek surgery possiblity.
However it seems the plastic surgery went wrong.

Robert Redford Plastic Surgery Before After
Robert Redford Plastic Surgery Before After

The facelift and botox

Robert Redford was said getting his facelift to rejuvenate his look. From the picture below, you will see that his face looked tight. Even though the facelift got a rid all the sagging skin, but it can’t be said as a good result, the facelift made his face frozen. The botox was also done by him. This injection created flawless look on his forehead. the wrinkles that should appear was removed in short of time.

Robert Redford Plastic Surgery Facelift
Robert Redford Plastic Surgery Facelift

Eyelid Surgery

the third procedure that he possibly did. the sign of the procedure can be seen from his eyes. This surgery made his eyes a bit smaller. However, if the rumor about the eyelid surgery was true, He didn’t get hthe best result. His eyes didn’t look as fresh as it should be.

beside those 3 procedures, Robert redford was reported having a cheek implants too. This was done by him to make a better look of his cheek.plastic surgeon Marc Kayem noticed that Mr. Redfiord might get his cheek done to remove the mole on it.

Unfortunately, Robert Redfiord didn’t give any explanation about it except denying all the rumors. He claimed that he lived naturally and have no desire to go under the knife.

In the other had, a magazine from America stated that Robert Redford ever spent 750 poundsterlings to do one of plastic surgery.

Seeing his look today, there’s no doubt if he went under the knife, but the reult didn’t show any good thing.

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