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Robin Mcgraw – Denying Plastic Surgery?

Let’s Get to Know Mrs. Mcgraw…

Known for both her famous husband, Dr.Phil, and her own very successful forays into the world of singing and acting, Robin McGraw has become a well-recognized face. Until recently, that is. Emerging photos suggest something is amiss with this Mrs.

Let us start this article by saying that we fully support this lovely lady in whatever choices she wants to make in regards to her own body and life, we’re just intrigued to know how she’s still looking so young!

Nature V. Nurturerobin mcgraw plastic surgery

Some women are simply blessed with good genes, and seem to sail through the ageing process with annoying ease. For others, something a little more synthetic is required – Botox. We firmly believe that every woman should be in charge of what happens to her own body and would never tell someone what they should do.

What comes as a surprise to us, however, is the dramatic change in appearance of Mrs. McGraw, and, even more so, her utter dismissal of the rumors that are currently circulating. Citing ‘natural remedies’ as the cause of her still-youthful skin (she’s in her early 60s and practically wrinkle-free), McGraw denies having gone under the surgeon’s knife. Whatever herbal fix she’s found, we’re interested…

To B*, Or Not to B* (*B = Botox!)

Renée Zellweger was one of the recent stars to show off an almost-unrecognizable face – totally her choice, but totally not her! Robin McGraw is the latest to join the perma-merry band of Botoxers, so we believe. Specialists are heavily hinting that Dr. Phil’s lady has undergone Botox, as well as having nose and lip jobs.

Botox is not one for the faint-hearted, or light of wallet. Injections are used to fill out skin that has fallen prey to wrinkles, leaving it plump and youthful – just like Robin’s. While this look can also be achieved through healthy diet and supplements, we suspect she’s gone for the needle instead. Her skin is almost totally smooth, which is suspicious for a woman in her 60s, although admirable if natural! Arched eyebrows, dewy, fuller cheeks and differently-shaped lips all point towards something less ‘erbal than we suspect she’s opted for.

Feeling Nosy…robin mcgraw facelift

McGraw’s facial structure seems to have been totally altered, as well – it’s not all surface changes we’ve spotted. She now sports a slender nose in place of her natural, slightly wider nose. Her nostrils appear more tucked in, making her nose longer, too. In fact, it almost appears as if her nose has shifted further up her face – surely not the result of chia seeds and smoothies!

Nose jobs seem to be ‘quick fix’ among the celebrity world, with McGraw joining the likes of Courtney Love, our beloved Jen Aniston and J-Lo (if rumors are to be believed, of course!) Nose jobs, known in the medical world as ‘rhinoplasty’, essentially remove parts of cartilage and tissue to reconstruct the nose to a more aesthetically-desirable shape, whatever that may mean to each patient. Religiously documented across fashion mags and Hollywood news-sites alike, nose jobs are one of the biggest ‘did they, didn’t they?’ trends since the Factory Girl sex scandal of 2007.

Lip ServiceLip Augmentation

Moving down her now-taut face, it’s obvious that something has changed around her mouth, too. Lip augmentations are among the most common forms of plastic surgery, and it’s pretty easy to see why. Fuller, bigger lips are deemed more attractive by beauty blogs and magazines the world over, and Robin McGraw seems to have plumped (literally) to join the club!

Breast Is Best

Bigger is better’ is not just applicable to mouths, with thousands across the globe opting for breast augmentation. Not just a confidence booster, this guarantees to increase your breast size, as well as changing their shape – giving you a youthful, perky set, much like McGraw’s. The increase in her breast size may be natural, as women’s bodies are constantly changing due to lifestyle factors and hormones. However, something tells us that her recent ‘rise’ is more… mechanical. Another favorite among celeb-mags, there is constantly speculation over which Hollywood actress or ‘WAG’ is the latest to succumb to the trend. Some good, some bad, some ugly!

A Woman’s Choice

Once again, let us point out that we are in no way trying to shame Robin if she did indeed undergo cosmetic surgery! We firmly believe that women should be in control of their own bodies and what happens to them. To show our support and love for this powerful lady, we’ve made a list of reasons to get cosmetic surgery:

  • Increased self-confidence! Everyone has something (or several ‘somethings’, if you’re anything like us) that they are insecure about. Some things can be ‘easily’ fixed – many start exercising or eating more healthily to help them feel better about their size; heaps of YouTube videos now teach you how to contour to give yourself a smaller nose and heels are always available for the height-conscious among us. Surgery is no different – there is no point spending your life hating parts of your face or body when you’re comfortable getting surgery. It’s not for everyone, and it’s not a particularly cheap fix, but we would never judge anyone for taking this step to improve how they see themselves.
  • Some people are born with birthmarks or facial deformities that they are not comfortable with. In this case, plastic surgery can be used to ‘fix’ birth defects, most commonly cleft lip palates. This can be for health reasons, such as improving breathing and cognitive abilities, as well as for aesthetic reasons.
  • Surgery is common among those who have been involved in accidents or have undergone treatment for medical conditions. Burns, tissue trauma and results of medical treatments can all be cause for plastic surgery, such as removing scar tissue or reconstructing facial/ bodily features after an accident. It’s not all about the celebrities, you know!

So, whatever the reason behind it, remember that an individual’s choice to undergo plastic surgery is 100% just that – their choice! This belief extends to Robin McGraw and whatever choice she has or hasn’t made regarding her looks. Whilst we believe that some kind of surgeon has been playing around, we can understand why McGraw may want to keep it under wraps (as is best after any surgery!)

There can be a huge backlash as soon as a celebrity opens up about having undergone cosmetic surgery, and we simply can’t understand it. In the same way that many women dye their hair, wear makeup and own at least one pair of control pants, surgery is just another way of changing your appearance in order to feel more confident in yourself.

Being in the limelight must be difficult for anyone – constantly having your appearance and life choices scrutinized is no fun for anyone, we get that. But it seems even harder as you get older – if you’re a woman, that is! Most Hollywood men seem to get a free pass when it comes to ageing, and are congratulated on embracing the ‘salt and pepper’ appearance that comes with the years. Women, as always, are expected to remain perfectly poised, groomed and youthful. We know, unfair! So, Robin, if you’re listening – we think you look great and we’re not judging you on any steps, surgical or spiritual, that you have taken to get yourself to a place where you feel happy and confident in your own skin, however nipped and tucked it may be!

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