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Roma Downey Plastic Surgery Before and After

What will some one do to take care their youthful look? some people might reconsider to get some plastic surgery procedures. Roma Downey who currently has been 53 years old looked so fresh and youthful. Did she take plastic surgery? That could be very possible.

As we know that Roma Downey is an actress. In America, plastic surgery is not rare thing. Many celebrities had already got at least one surgery. Even though it gave a big risk, So far they don’t really care about it. How is Roma Downey?

Roma Downey Plastic Surgery
Roma Downey Plastic Surgery

It seems she got successful plastic surgery enhancements. Some people even said that Roma Downey looked younger for her age. She looked 10 years younger. They speculated that, Roma took botox and facelift to refresh her face and keep fighting against the aging.


This cosmetic surgery might have been used by Roma regularly. Her face, especially the forehead looked fresh without wrinkles. there’s a big possibility that the box injection had removed the wrinkles. The work was not bad. She looked enjoying the result.

Roma Downey Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture
Roma Downey Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture


Roma might also get a facelift. This procedure could help the user maintaining their beautiful and youthful look longer. This procedure helped by tightening the facial skin. By seeing Roma’s current appearance, the facelift should have been done. it refresh her face. She didn’t get any sagging skin even though she has been over half of century

beside rejuvenating her look with great combination of botox and facelift, Roma also got lip injection in to get fresher and sexy lips. You can take a look at the before and after picture. The lip injection made her rejuvenating program looked perfect.

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