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Rose McGowan Plastic Surgery Before and After

Some of you might know well about Drama Series”Charmed”. But we won’t talk about the story. In the real life, The star, Rose McGowan has a story about her beauty and plastic surgery.
Rose’ current appearance had become nice topic in forums.she was said as one of celebrity who felt in love with plastic surgery. How come?

Rose McGowan Plastic surgery Before and After
Rose McGowan Plastic surgery Before and After

According to media and news, in 2007 Rose McGowan had ever got accident and forced her to go under the knife and fix the problem. Her eyes got inured in that accident. however, because of that procedure, she did more procedures to enhance her look.

the plastic surgery enhancement that were mentioned including lip augmentation, breast implants and nose job.

Lip augmentation
Did you see the before an after picture? What did you find?Her lips looked different right? This showed an indication of lip augmentation. the new lips looked thicker. but it didn’t give a best shot for her appearance. It is too different. And the previous lip looked much better and more natural. The procedure seems giving an effect to her smiling lines.

Rose McGowan Plastic Surgery Nose Job
Rose McGowan Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Nose Job
beside the lip augmentation, there was also a possibility of nose job (rhinoplasty). Compared to the nose in the before picture, her current nose looked a bit slimmer and a bit straight. The tip also looked more pointed now But this is still controversial and debatable.

Rose Mcgowan Plastic Surgery Breast Implants
Rose Mcgowan Plastic Surgery Breast Implants

Breast Implants
another enhancement that blow up was the breast implants (boob Job). Rose McGowan was said having this procedure and resize the breasts. However, it was still hard to prove, there was not a significant change on her breast. take a look at the picture. Did you see any sign of breast implants?

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