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Rumer Willis Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

Rumer Willis is known well as an actress. Seeing from her name, Willis, you might know it very well. Yes, She is Bruce willis’ oldest daughter. And She is Demi Moore’s daughter.

Rumer Willis’ current appearance had surprised a lot of people out there. Because, she looked so different. There’s a big possibility that it was caused by the plastic surgery. Moreover, in America plastic surgery is very popular.

Rumer Willis Plastic Surgery
Rumer Willis Plastic Surgery

A popular plastic surgeon,Dr. Anthony Youn told Radar online that he noticed the changes on Rumer’s fce was caused by plastic surgery enhancements. Seeing from her selfie picture recently, Dr Youn saw that the changes were seen from the chin and the lip too.

Earlier, Rumer Willis was also reported having breast implants as well.

Fillers injection

Dr Youn had told us that he saw Rumers’ chin looked different and the lips did too.It seems the changes of the two parts were caused by fillers injection. The size of the chin looked significantly increased. It give impact to the shape of her face. In the other hand, it might also be a chin implants.

While, the lips looked fullers now, there’s no doubt, if the lips had been done at least by fillers like juvederm or restylane. How ever, Dr Youn saw it as an overdone work. She could get the best result if she didn’t do it aggressively.

Rumer Willis Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture
Rumer Willis Plastic Surgery Before and After Picture

But, seeing her take a selfie picture, it seems Rumer was still happy with the result.

breast implants

another plastic surgery that was possible done by her was the breast implant (boob job). Rumers’ breast looked bigger in the after picture. the people believed that it was a breast implant.But some other people thought that it was “push up bra that made it bigger.

Rumer’s selfie picture showed it clearly about the plastic surgery that she got, even though she didn’t give any explanation.

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