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Ryan Gosling Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job

Ryan Gosling is known well as an actor. He is a Canadian. Ryan is a really attractive man, he got good looking that made many women fall in love. However, the 33 years old man was said having an enhancement to get a better look. Some news said that Ryan Rosling took a rhinoplasty to make a better shape of the nose. Was that true?

Ryan Gosling Plastic Surgery Before And After Nose Job
Ryan Gosling Plastic Surgery Before And After Nose Job

Rhinoplasty (nose job)

Nose job is quite popular in America. Many celebrities got nose job to get the best shape. You might also know Jennifer Aniston. She is an actress who got multiple nose job.

In Ryan Gosling’s case, he might get the procedure in the earlier of his career. If you take a look at the pictures before and after, there you will find something interesting. His nose looked different seen from the size and the shape too.

In the past Ryan Gosling got wide nose with a hook on the bridge. After doing a rhinoplasty, his nose now looked slimmer, straighter and more define. There’s no longer hook on the bridge. the result is good and match to his face.

It’s really unfortunate, Ryan Gosling still keep the secret for himself. Some people wondered why he took a rhinoplasty. does she feel uncomfortable with his big nose? What do you think of this? Do you like Ryan now, or him in the past?

Plastic surgery can attract men and women. Ryan is one of many actors who did plastic surgery. And you should know that, there was a man who was inspired to get a face like Ryan Gosling and spent more or less $5,000. His name is Nicholas Ryan.

Ryan Gosling and Nicholas Ryan Plastic Surgery
Ryan Gosling and Nicholas Ryan Plastic Surgery

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