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Ryeowook Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job

Super Junior is a very popular boy band from Korea. Suju (Super Junior) is one of the most successful groups from that country.  For the female group, you must know SNSD or Girl’s Generation.

You will feel no longer surprised to know that Korean plastic surgery was so popular. Many Korean stars had got plastic surgery procedures to enhance their appearance. but how’s if your favorite idol was reported having plastic surgery?

Ryeowook Plastic Surgery
Ryeowook Plastic Surgery

Now, Ryeowook of Suju will become our discussion in this article. This cool guy was said having plastic surgery enhancements like many common Korean celebrities. Some people assumed that he got  nose job, a jaw surgery and a chin implant too. Was that true?

You must already know that In Korea, there are two most popular surgeries. they are double eyelid surgery and a nose job. But we don’t think that Ryeowook got double eyelid surgery.

Ryeowook Plastic Surgery nose Job
Ryeowook Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Ryeowook Nose Job

You can compare his before and after picture. Ryeowook’s current nose looked slimmer. the tip also looked more pointed now. This is an indication of a nose job (rhinoplasty). Did you see it? Some of his fans feel doubt with this speculation. They even claim that the lighting and make up might give the significant effect on his nose shape.

What do you have in mind? Sid the 27 years old singer got surgery like many news told? Don’t forget to leave a comment and share to others.

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