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Sally Field Plastic Surgery Before and After

Sally Field had controversially become a hot topic among the people in recent years. Many people keep questioning about the plastic surgeries activity that she did. For a woman whose age is over 60, Sally Field still looked so great and youthful. She was said as an actress who had gone under the knife to fight the aging.

Sally actually keep her secret for several times, but she finally revealed that she got plastic surgeries to solve her aging problem. However, she didn’t significantly told the public about the type of procedures.

Sally Field Plastic Surgery Photo
Sally Field Plastic Surgery Photo

From the before and after pictures, the medias and the chatters speculated some procedures that she might try. They are facelift, necklift, botox injection and fillers.

Facelift and necklift.
those two procedures were known as the ways to tighten the skin. The facelift is done on the face area, while the necklift is on the neck.

Sally field might do these procedures and tighten the skins. It was seen from her appearance. She looked completely fresh and youthful. Compare to her previous appearance, she should be pleased. The procedures were done nicely.

Sally Field Plastic Surgery
Sally Field Plastic Surgery

botox and filler injection.
Not only the facelift and necklift, Sally Field might also get botox and fillers injection too. The botox removed all the wrinkles on the forehead, and the fillers injection made her cheek fuller.

You might remember how well Hillary Clinton’s look after having plastic surgery, Like Hillary, Sally Field looked enjoying her current great look.

beside those things, the laser treatment was also said as one of the procedure that give big impacts on her appearance. his procedure made her skin cleaner and clearer. we won’t find any dead cell on the skin.


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