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Sanaa Lathan Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor

Sanaa Lathan is known best as an actress. She appeared in various titles of movies like, “Love and Basketball”, The Best Man, Alien vs Predator, etc. Recently, she also starred on new movie in 2015, “The Perfect Guy”. She played a role as Leah Vaughn, alongside Michael Ealy. Sanaa Lathan is rally attractive woman. Despite her age which is more than 40, (43 years old this year), She still looks fresh and hot. Some people thought if Sanaa Lathan plastic surgery might be not just a pure speculation.

Sanaa Lathan plastic Surgery through nose job
Sanaa Lathan plastic Surgery through nose job

Some reports told if she got 2 major procedures included nose job and breast implants. And she may have some other procedures to keep her youthful look.

Sanaa Lathan Nose Job and Breast implants speculation

It’s so unfortunate that there was no clear confirmation about Sanaa Lathan plastic surgery. However, some medias reported that Sanaa’s current look was different. They noticed it from the shape of the nose and the boobs. It seems Sanaa got the same procedure like Katie Holmes plastic surgery.

Sanaa Lathan Breast Implants
Sanaa Lathan Breast Implants

Among the female celebrities, nose job and boob job are quite popular. Many of them did those procedure to enhance their look. Jennifer Aniston even did the nose job more than once (read more about Jennifer Aniston plastic surgery.

Sanaa Lathan may got a nose job. The shape of her current nose looked different from what she used to have. The new one looked having slimmer and straighter shape. While the boobs got bigger and rounder size. Sanaa Lathan breast implants was done nicely. It made her body curvier and sexier. She also got nice new nose. Don’t you notice them? As a supporting work, an amount of botox injection might be the reason of her smooth and flawless face.

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