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Sandie Rinaldo Plastic Surgery Before and After

Sandie Rinaldo, 65, is known well as Canadian television journalist. And she also takes a role as anchor for CTV News.Surprisingly, Sandie does not like as old as her age. She looks younger. Some people assumed that Sandie may get benefit from  beauty enhancements. Sandie Rinaldo plastic surgery then become a warm topic in some discussion forums. This thread is strongly possible. Moreover, the use of plastic surgery is no longer new stuff. Many people had felt the great sensation after having those beauty enhancements.

Sandie Rinaldo Plastic Surgery Before and After
Sandie Rinaldo Plastic Surgery Before and After

Considering from her current appearance, it seems Sandie had done some procedures including botox and facelift. This plastic surgery combination is one of the best shortcut as aging problem solver.

Sandie Rinaldo facelift and botox injection

You might feel surprised to see a woman with a very smooth look despite her old age. You know that Sandie is not young anymore. She has been over 60. But her appearance still looks fresh. That’s why the people thought if Sandie Rinaldo plastic surgery was not just a pure rumor. Seeing from her look, we can see how those procedures refreshed her face. She got no wrinkles or lines left on her forehead. An amount of botox should be behind this. While the facelift retightened Sandie’s facial skin. Sandie Rinaldo facelift looked done well. She looks a bit younger than her own age.

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