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Sandra Bullock Plastic Surgery Before and After Nose Job

Sandra Anitte Bullock is one of greatest actress in America today.beside her great career in acting, Sandra recently become nice and hot topic in forums due to her youthful appearance. It seems Sandra had already went under the knife. further she had reached a reasonable age where to do some rejuvenating program and enhancement too. She is 50 years old now. from her appearance. the people speculated that she might do some activities like nose job, facial fillers, botox and a thread lift too.

Sandra Bullock Plastic Surgery Nose Job
Sandra Bullock Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Nose Job
the first significant change on her new look was the nose. It looked like the sign of nose job 9rhinoplasty). this procedure had reshaped her nose nicely. Compared to her previous nose (see before picture), the new one looked having narrower bridge, while the tip had been reshaped to be smaller one. Sandra got nice enhancement by doing a nose job. It ran well and not overdone.

Botox and facial fillers.

Considering from Sandra’s age, the people think that she has an obvious reason to have botox. Her face become older because of the aging. botox had successfully made her face younger. it removed the wrinkles on her face. The botox injection was done nicely. She didn’t overdo with it. (see her young picture till now)
The facial fillers has an important role as well. The fillers helped to refresh her facial skin. The cheek area and the lips might have this. You can see that her cheek looked chubby and the lips looked more nutritious now.

Sandra Bullock Plastic Surgery Before and After
Sandra Bullock Plastic Surgery Before and After

The thread lift
Unlike many celebrities who chose facelift to rejuvenate their look, Sandra was reported having a thread lift. But this procedure was not done well. It created a bump on her cheek. Fortunately some expert told that the bum could naturally lost by time. And she can get a fine look in the near future.


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