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Sara Gilbert Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Sara Gilbert has changed. It can’t be denied. The 40 years old actress might have some plastic surgery procedures done on her face. It reminded us to her sister Melissa Gilbert who was said as one of plastic surgery lovers. seeing from her appearance, it seems Sara has enhanced her appearance through botox injection and a nose job.

Sara Gilbert Plastic Surgery Before and After
Sara Gilbert Plastic Surgery Before and After

A plastic surgeon from Boston, Dr. Jonathan Hall noticed the change on her appearance as plastic surgery result. Reported in makemeheal in 2012, Dr. Hall believed that Sara Gilbert had made her appearance fresher by using regular botox injection. And he didn’t see any sign of other fillers injection on Sara’s face. Her fuller look was caused by the weight gain she got.

If you take a look at her face, it’s actually reasonable that Sara got botox. It can help maintaining her appearance and keep her away from aging. The botox itself has been used by many celebrities. It’s not too surprising if Sara got it as well. Till now, she might still use the botox regularly.

Sara Gilbert Nose Job??

Sara Gilbert Nose Job
Sara Gilbert Nose Job

Further, Dr. Hall also saw significant change on her nose shape. It would be a plastic surgery work. Dr. hall stated that Sara Gilbert nose job might be true. Compare to the previous one, her new nose looked having slimmer shape, while the tip looked more elevated. It seems Sara Gilbert had done nose job (rhinoplasty) more than once. You can see how the nose transform in the pictures. However, many people thought that her decision to go under a nose job as a wrong decision. She didn’t get any good thing through the surgery.

Talking about her current appearance, we could say that unless the nose job, Sara Gilbert had done good thing. he looked fresher. It’s unfortunate that Sara Gilbert nose job was not done well.

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