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Sarah Silverman plastic surgery, Fact or Rumor?

Vanellope von Schweetz, is a cute character in Animation movie “Wreck it Ralph”. Do you know whose voice it was? Yes, it was Sarah Silverman. Sarah is not only an actress. She is also a really sexy and hot stand up comedian. Her appearance and hot look may hypnotized a lot of people.  Despite her age which turns 45 this December, she looks much younger in fact.
Sarah Silverman Plastic Surgery Fact or rumor
Sarah Silverman Plastic Surgery Fact or rumor
Many people are wondering what her beauty secret is. Did she get any plastic surgery so far? The thread of Sarah Silverman plastic surgery was still debatable and unproven.
Many people are impressed with the way she keep her beauty. She looks 20 years younger than she should be. That’s why some people thought of plastic surgery speculation.
Commonly, the old celebrities would love to have botox injection to fight the aging problem. By considering her appearance and her age, the speculation might be reasonable. The botox may have important role in rejuvenating her look.
However, this was indirectly denied by Sarah. To the Glamour magazine (2014), She shared her opinion related to botox usage. In her opinion, the people who got fillers didn’t look natural.
“I know, aging is like a really slow-moving horror movie, especially for women. But the lines on our faces are valuable. When I see people with fillers or weirdo stretched-out faces, I’m like, You look crazy”.
In order to keep her skin fresh and youthful, she preferred skin care products than plastic surgery. SK-II was said as one of her beauty secret. As a popular person beauty and look are the others main factor aside talent. Aging is one of great problems.
Sarah Silverman Breast Implants
Sarah Silverman Breast Implants
Sarah Silverman breast implants
Beside her fresh look, another interesting rumor about her and surgery was seen from the shape of her boobs. Sarah appeared with very big boobs today. Many people considered it as boob job. Compared to her previous look, Sarah’s current breasts looked much bigger. Was it Sarah Silverman boob job? You may have your own opinion about it
What do you have in mind about Sarah Silverman plastic surgery speculation?

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