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Scott Thorson Plastic Surgery Before and After

Scott Thorson is not known as an actor or celebrity. He used to be known as Liberace’ boyfriend. Liberace was a lot older than him. Scott now is 55 years old. Scott’s name was loved by media for his controversial news. And in recent years, he was said having so me plastic surgeries to regain his appearance to be younger. However, the reality is not as beautiful as his dream. Scott Looked so frozen and weird.

Scott Thorson Plastic surgery Before and After
Scott Thorson Plastic surgery Before and After

What kinds of plastic surgery that he got? from his current appearance, it seems he got some procedures like facelift, chin and cheek implants. The thing that made him weird was his overdone plastic surgeries.

The facelift
Scott Thorson seems having a facelift in order to rejuvenate his look. however, the procedure didn’t run well and even over-aggressively done.The facelift made his face so tight. he had lost his natural look. At a glance he looks like someone else

cheek and chin implants

it’s quite surprising to know that a man having a cheek implants, which commonly dominated by women. The cheek implants was speculated from his cheek area. It looked so plump. while the chin implant was also done by him. As you can see that his chin looked different. the chin was reshaped to be a more pointed one.

Scott Thorson Plastic surgery Before and After Picture
Scott Thorson Plastic surgery Before and After Picture

talking about the plastic surgery, Scott explained that he did the plastic surgery due to he was forced by Liberace, and was obsessed to be like Liberace in the younger age.

He might feel better after the surgery. But the other people who saw his current appearance felt sorry. they even hope that he could stay away from surgeries in the future.

Moreover, Scott also got drug addict.he the bad things that may influence his current weird appearance. What do you have in mind after seeing him?

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