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Did Sean Patrick Flanery Have Plastic Surgery? – Know More About the Actor

You have probably seen Sean Patrick Flanery in a few great movies like Boondock Saints, Crystal River, and the 1992 television show The Indiana Jones Chronicles. What you may not have noticed is his changing face throughout the years. Could this be the result of plastic surgery?


Sean Patrick Flanery takes martial arts, and he holds a black belt in karate. Doing this activity keeps him in amazing shape, which is key to looking youthful. What we all really wonder is, is he getting help to keep his face in shape, too?


Even males who want to stay on top in Hollywood have to do all they can to stay looking young. This will ensure more work and more appeal to the fans. Plus, Sean Patrick Flanery has a Twitter and Facebook page, so he definitely likes to stay in the spotlight and in touch with his fans.

Age Signs


Sean Patrick Flanery is nearly 50 years old, so age signs like crow’s feet and a wrinkly forehead are to be expected at this age. He has very drawn cheeks and so cheekbones and cheek hollow become more pronounced. His eyes also appear smaller than what we are used to.


The upper eyelid is sinking deeper into the eye socket. This is also the time that the lower eyelid becomes thinner because of the fact that it has to cover up the additional space that is within the eye socket. We also notice that his hair is thinning, and his lips appear less full.


Did Surgery Happen?


In the film Boondock Saints and Crystal River, Flanery had his wrinkly forehead. So if surgery did take place, it did not correct that issue. His crow’s feet have also remained, so any surgery that he may have had left him with crinkles near his eyes.


But his cheekbones tell a different story. They are better covered with flesh that is free of wrinkles and is very young-looking when you think about his age. Even if he put some weight on, it is not likely it would go immediately to the cheeks.

It could even be likely that Flanery is using special creams with collagen properties to create this dramatic skin improvement. Or, there is the possibility he underwent a blepharoplasty or eye surgery.


That could be the reason we are seeing less of a baggy eyelid and more of a young, smooth-looking eye area. It is all about what he as an actor needs to look and feel his best, so he can keep making movies and TV shows.


His Wikipedia page shows he has been active for so many years up to the present. Plus, being a dad with 3 kids can make you feel older due to the stress of raising them, so at least he can feel young by surgery or using various creams.


One Year Difference

The photos of Flanery one year apart tell a story of great difference. When you look at his eyes, the lower eyelid is not as thin as you might expect with age. He has lower thicker eyelids naturally, but we did see some thinning during Boondock Saints.


He perhaps gained a little weight or used some fancy skin creams to keep this look. But we cannot rule out the possibility of plastic surgery, because a puffy look of a lower eyelid is associated with the consequences of plastic surgery.


Plus, the skin has become smoother overall. This could be the result of Botox injections and cheek implants, which make the skin appear smooth, shiny and young. His hair just looks the same from 2010 to the present day.


Maybe It Was Sculpting?


The real question now is, did Sean Patrick Flanery get a sculpting job? The answer to that question is up for grabs, because the actor himself has neither confirmed nor denied the possibility.




All major signs of aging have disappeared, so whomever his plastic surgeon was did a great job. If any surgery was done on Sean Patrick Flanery, it was very well done as he looks mature and vibrant with just the right touch of middle-age handsome gentleman.

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