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Sean Penn Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Sean Penn is an American actor. He is also Madonna’s ex-husband. Amazingly, he ever won two Academy Awards. The 54 years old man was said having beauty enhancement to keep his appearance fresh as always. This speculation was actually no longer a new thing. Previously, a plastic surgeon , Dr. Paul Nassif, reported by Makemeheal, told that Sean Penn might have been benefited by some works like botox and blephaoplasty.

Sean Penn Plastic Surgery Before and After
Sean Penn Plastic Surgery Before and After

Sean Penn Botox Injection

The doctor’s statement might be true. The botox might have important role in rejuvenating his upper face. The botox should be the reason why he got lack of wrinkles when his age is getting older. It was not too surprising if he went through this procedure. It had become a favorite among old celebrities. If you see his appearance you might realize tat his face might get a good effect of botox on his forehead. Besides, he might get blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) for his eyes as well. This procedure was usually done by many people to rejuvenate and refresh the eyes. As the result, Sean Penn looked having more youthful eyes. By having both procedures, he could keep his appearance fresher.

Sean Penn Plastic Surgery
Sean Penn Plastic Surgery

Did he get another surgery done? Dr. Paul Nassif claimed that he didn’t see any specific surgery done yet. Despite Sean was rumored having a nose job (rhinoplasty), Dr. Paul didn’t agree with it. he stated that Sean pen still got his big nose like in the past.

How do you see Sean Penn plastic surgery speculations? Did you agree with Dr. Paul that he got his face rejuvenated trough botox?

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