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CSI: NY Star, Sela Ward Plastic Surgery Before and After

Sela ward has been so long livin in entertainment industry. One of her popular TV program was CSI: NY. And some of you might know her pretty well. Sela Ward is 57 years old now, but her appearance didn’t look that old. That’s why many people wondered what the secret she used to keep her face so youthful like today. They even assumed that Sela Ward has spent some of her money to go under the needle. Was it true?

Surprisingly, Sela ward explained to the public that she loved botox.

Sela Ward Plastic Surgery Before and After
Sela Ward Plastic Surgery Before and After

Sela Ward Botox Injection

Considering from her age and look, it’s actually reasonable. Sela Ward’s face looked too beautiful for a woman in the same age. She got botox injection for years to help her staying away from the sign of aging.

Among the world celebrities, botox is no longer a new thing. For some of them the botox had become  a need. The botox could keep their appearance great all the time as long as it was done nicely. Fortunately, Sela Ward got the botox done perfectly. She didn’t look forcing herself with an amount of botox. As the result, her facial skin looked smooth and fresh. She looked much younger than her age.

If only she got the botox not well, she can end like Kim Novak or Pete Burns who got plastic surgery gone wrong. Dr. Michael Salzhauer even impressed with the result of the botox. He commented that Sela Ward got benefit from the botox. It made her face so smooth. The doctor also said that she didn’t overdo with this filler.

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