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Seo Ji Hye Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor?

Seo Ji Hye is a beautiful Korean actress who had starred on some popular Korean Drama. And she usually appears as supporting actress. You must know her so well. She looked so pretty when acting on a popular drama, 49 Days. However, some rumors said that Seo Ji Hye also followed the other celebrities to go under the knife.  Was that true? we will discuss about it further.

There’s an interesting part that made the people curious. Did she do double eyelid surgery? As you know that this plastic surgery procedure is quite popular in Korea. Most of the celebrities had tried this procedure to make their appearance better. And if you take a look the pictures closer, you might realize that her nose looked different a bit.

Seo Ji Hye Plastic Surgery
Seo Ji Hye Plastic Surgery

Both nose job and double eyelid had become a set of procedures that commonly done by the Korean stars. You might remember about Jessica Jung (former SNSD), Sooyoung, Kim Ah Joong, etc.

Double eyelid surgery

The sign of this procedure can be seen from the before and after picture. Her eyes looked fresher and bigger than she used to have. Did you see it? It’s obviously like the result of double eyelid.

Nose Job

Besides, Seo Ji Hye might get a nose job (rhinoplasty ) as well. The change can be seen clearly. Compare to her new nose, the previous nose looked having a more bulbous tip. After the nose job done, the shape looked straighter and softer.

Despite the surgery looked so obvious, Seo Ji Hye didn’t have any intention to explain about it. That’s why many people are still discussing about in a full of controversy. What do you think about it? Did you see any sign of plastic surgery on her face?

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