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Seo Woo Plastic Surgery Before and After

Everybody knows that Seo Woo is a very stunning actress. The 29 years old actress had starred on various Korean Drama. you might also remember ow well she acted in “Cinderella’s Sister”. If you wonder about the secret of her beauty, then you need to read this further. Seo Woo was said having plastic surgery enhancement. It’s not too surprising. Because Korean plastic surgery is quite popular with high rate of users. What kinds of plastic surgery that Seo Woo did?

Seo Woo Plastic Surgery Before and After
Seo Woo Plastic Surgery Before and After

Double eyelid surgery

we believed that you know this procedure well. In Korea, this procedure is one of favorite. Classy actress like Park Min Young or Lee Bo Young had gone under the same procedure, and felt the sensation. By having double eyelid surgery, now Seo woo got bigger and fresher eyes. It’s no longer narrow (like common Korean people)

Talking about double eyelid surgery in Korea, it’s commonly combined with a nose job. Both procedures is popular combo that many celebrities chose. The skillful plastic surgeon also made the works run more successfully. As the result, the celebrity with an ordinary look become a very stunning and dazzling star. Jessica jung, the former SNSD member is one of the most shocking transformation.

Seo Woo also got a nice work through plastic surgery. Her appearance looked more beautiful now. What do you think of it? Does she look great?

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