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Serena Williams Salary Net Worth 2016

Serena Williams a Tennis star from the USA, is an Only Female Tennis Player who has earned over $60 Million as prize money. Serena has collected a career-best prize money of $67,278,178.  She overcomes “Justine Henin”, in terms to earning most price money in a year by making $6,545,586.

They are twin sisters, both ruled the Tennis world since years. Belongs to a black family, she earned the great volume of money from the world over Tennis circuits that most female stars just dreamt it.

An Overview of her financial worth is as under:


Serena Williams Salary:                   $9,317,290

Total prize money:                              $46,676,230

Serena Williams’s Net worth:         $130,150,000

County:                                                  USA

Market Worth:                                     $66,676,230

Definite income:                                 $46,599,139

Total Fined amount:                          $77,091

She is a great tennis player, with feathers of 19single grand slams on her cap, “Serena Jameka Williams” is ranked no.1 Tennis player from the U.S.A, and with her existing net worth of $130 Million, she is the top earner in the Worldwide Tennis circuit.

Serena Jameka Williams

With fetching the title of WTA Championships, she became the first woman tennis player to gain more than $10 million dollars in a single season. She has earned around $4,000,000, which is by far the price highest amount in the history of the game.

Here is her financial statement of last Four Years:

            Year          Prize Money                      Net Worth             Fine               Yearly Salary

          3012             $1,978,930                        $3,562,074                 $2,199           $1,978,930

          2013             $7,045,970                        $14,091,940               $8,053           $7,045,970

          2014             $12,385,570                      $24,771,140               $38,109        $12,385,590

           2015            $23,293,225         $12,423        $9,317,290

in the year2009, she was fine of $15,000 for racquet exploitation which later increased to $175,000, following a detailed inquiry, while, in 2011, she was fined verbal abuse amounting to $2,000. She is compared with considered the great Tennis player Maria Sharapova. An evaluation of wealth effortlessly helps to determine who is richest among both the competitors.

She is on over $40 million contracts with sports giant Nike currently, the deal was signed way back in 2004. She owns a beautiful West Palm Beach home worth around $2 million.

We do hope this summary has given you an idea of Serena Williams’s net worth. Strong by all standards, she is a right handed player, she became Professional in 1995. Her total prize money and net worth in 2015graspedover $46.6 million, and $72.3 million correspondingly. America must be proud of her this great “Black Beauty”. She has a market worth of $66.6 million currently.

Serena William, the 3 times Olympics Gold winner, has grossed$22 million in the preceding year, a career best earnings for her. She, as a part of Nike, earned $15,000,000 from them and Kraft Foods commendation. Serena’s last year’s earnings of $11,000,000include sponsorship, salary, in addition, winnings bonuses as well.

She enjoyed a long and lively Tennis career, it’s almost on the verge of ending, as she is getting older and older. She had spent her best times in the Tennis circuits all around the world. Now her earning opportunities are lessening, with having squeezed openings for future sponsorships. Hats off for the great lady, she is still earning handsome amounts in one way or other. She will remain to be in hearts of the tennis lovers as a great female U.S tennis player, her clinical finishing and power-play are something that no one can forget in coming decades even.

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