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Shannon Tweed Plastic Surgery Before and After

Former Canadian model and also an actress, Shannon Tweed has already been a nice topic among the netizen and chatters. Many of them are talking about Shannon Tweed plastic surgery. Surprisingly Shannon Tweed had already revealed about the surgery usage. She openly told the media and public that she had gone under the knife repeatedly. Seeing from her appearance, it seems she is one botox injection lovers. Shannon Tweed nose job is also obviously seen.

Shannon Tweed Plastic Surgery
Shannon Tweed Plastic Surgery

Shannon Tweed Plastic Surgery Through Botox Injection And Facelift

We’ve known very well about botox injection.this procedure has been used by many celebrities to keep their appearance younger as always. The botox had clearly made Shannon’s face looked smooth and wrinkle-less. That sign of aging had already been removed by regular botox she got. Unfortunately, many people saw that the botox as a bit overdone. It made her face looked frozen and unnatural. Her lifted brow is another effect of the usage.

beside the botox, the facelift also got important role in her rejuvenating process. The facelift had tightened her facial skin. This was the reason why her face didn’t look sagging like many other women in the same age. you must know that Shannon Tweed has been 57 now.

Shannon Tweed Nose Job
Shannon Tweed Nose Job

Shannon Tweed Nose Job

Another surgery that has change her look was the nose job (called rhinoplasty in medical word). You can see how the nose job  worked by seeing the before and after picture.  Her new nose had been reshaped to a different look.Many people are questioning about her decision to go under a nose job.They though it was unneeded work. The previous one looked better and more natural for her face.

How was her response about the surgery she got?

Gene Simmons’ wife told that she feel good and satisfied with the surgery she got, despite some people out there criticized her decision.

What do you think of her appearance?

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