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Sharon Stone Plastic Surgery Before and After Facelift, Botox

Many people and chatters are still discussing about Sharon Stone and her excellent look. The people believe that she had gone under the knife. However the beautiful lady who is 56 years old today claimed that she looked ageless naturally with no surgery done. That’s why t become nice topic lately in some forums.

Sharon Stone Plastic Surgery
Sharon Stone Plastic Surgery

Facelift and Botox injection

We already know that Sharon Stone looked great from time to time. And her appearance looked younger than her current age. Did she really go under the knife to keep her face fresh? it’s still debatable. Not all people seems agree with it. Take a look at the pictures. She appeared with smooth and fresh look. However, We could her appearance didn’t show any sign of facelift. If only it was true, the plastic surgeon should be very skillful.

Besides, she was also said having botox injection. Sharon’s smooth forehead  indicated a botox usage. If only she got the botox injected on her face, she just did it nicely. It’s not overdone.

Talking about her excellent appearance, Sharon stone also told that she loves doing exercises on gym to keep her body fresh. And she also does healthy lifestyle.

How do you see it? Did you think that plastic surgery was behind the beauty? Share your opinion in the box comment.

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