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Sharon Tay Plastic Surgery Before and After

Sharon Tay is best known as a journalist. She has a sexy and beautiful appearance. The 48 years old lady actually looked so ageless. some people assumed that, the lady who was born in Singapore had already gone under the knife. It seems she had done some cosmetic surgeries at least botox injection and fillers injection. Besides, there was also unexpected nose job on her face.

Sharon Tay Plastic Surgery Before and After
Sharon Tay Plastic Surgery Before and After

Botox injection

This kind of procedure is very popular among the celebrities. this is the secret why most of them got younger look than their age. Sharon Tay might get this procedure regularly. If you see her current appearance, you will see that there was no signs of aging left like wrinkles or lines.  Her face looked so smooth for a woman who is nearly 50.

Fillers injection

She might also got fillers injection on her face. The cheek area is the most possible part of her face that got this injection. The cheek looked fuller. She probably got the fillers injection to support the rejuvenating program. The lip is another part of her face that got injected with fillers.

Talking about the rejuvenating process through cosmetic surgery that she got, she looked a bit overdoing it. If only she didn’t go under any procedure, she might get a more natural and nicer look.

Another surgery that Sharon Tay got was the nose job (medically known as rhinoplasty). This procedure is unexpected. Many people think that, the nose job was not done well. Her current nose looked narrower than before. The tip also looked having smaller shape,. The people criticized that her previous nose looked much better than the new one.

Sharon Tay is lucky that plastic surgery didn’t give worse effect to her face.  She just lost her natural beauty. The people hoped that she won’t go under the surgeries further.


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