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Shelby Chong Plastic Surgery Before and After

What do you have in mind after seeing an old woman (over 60 years old) got a youthful look like a 30 years old lady? it’s surprising, isn’t it? Shelby Chong, 67, might e one of the most shocking appearance so far. In this age, she still looks beautiful and attractive. She doesn’t look like a common 67 years old woman. That’s why Shelby Chong Plastic Surgery might be true.

Considering from her appearance, it seems Shelby Chong had done multiple plastic surgery procedures to keep her beauty so far. At least she might get a set of plastic surgery procedures to rejuvenate her looks. They are botox, facelift, fillers injection and eyelid surgery as well.

Shelby Chong Plastic Surgery
Shelby Chong Plastic Surgery

If you look at her face in the before and after picture, you might feel surprised about how well the surgery done on her face. The combination of botox and facelift might have taken a big role oin this rejuvenation process. While the fillers injection and eyelid surgery had become the supporting step to make it perfect.

Shelby Chong facelift and botox

Botox and facelift have becone the first choice among the celebriies to keep their youthful appearance. Shelby Chong must have done this combination. You can see the result of these by seeing the pictures. Nowadays Shelby Chong appeared with a very smooth look. She got no wrinkles left on her forehead, and her facial skin also looked tight and fresh as always. The facelift had taken care of her face nicely, that’s why she looked much younger now. Besides, the botox also should be behind her fresh forehead. the signs of aging like wrinkles had been removed from her face.

Shelby Chong Plastic Surgery before and After
Shelby Chong Plastic Surgery before and After

Eyelid surgery and fillers injection

To make her appearance got more successful rejuvenation, she might get the eyelid surgery (blepharplasty) to refresh her eyes, while the fillers injection was done to support some parts of her face like the cheek and the smile area.

Seeing her current appearance, Shelby Chong looked very satisfied with her look. Compare to her husband, Tommy Chong, they look like a father and daughter.

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