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Sherri Shepherd Breast Reduction – Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor?

There are many cases about Celebrities and their boobs. Some of them choose breast implants to increase the breasts volume. And some others decided to get their breast reduced.  You might remember some news about actress and breast reduction. Jennifer Connelly, Scarlet Johansson, and Christina Ricci are some actresses who were said having their breasts reduced.

Sherri Shepherd Breast Reduction, Plastic Surgery fact or Rumor
Sherri Shepherd Breast Reduction, Plastic Surgery fact or Rumor

Sherri Shepherd few years ago became hot discussion among the people in many forums and medias. The comedian who got 47 years old today was said having plastic surgery. The speculation appeared when in 2009 (more or less), she appeared in a TV program. She showed her body figure after losing weight. The people noticed that Sherri had reduced the size of her breast for some inches. But it made controversial comments from the public. Some people disagree with it and some others looked having an agreement about the breast reduction.

As we know that Sherri got significant weight loss. Her body looked more normal than before. Her breast also looked smaller than before.  One of chatter even asked whether the weight loss also made her breast shrunk or not.

Talking about the plastic surgery itself. Sherri Shepherd indirectly against the rumors. She claimed that she never have any intention to get a rid her boobs. Sherri even claim that she loved her boobs so much. How if you try to compare the before and after pictures. Did she really get breast reduction? You might have different ideas.  Please share your opinion in the comment box.

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