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Shin Se Kyung Plastic Surgery Before and After, Fact or Rumor?

The beautiful and cute Korean actress, Shin Se Kyung 2 years ago became people’s attention due to the changes on her appearance. This news had made the netizens began to dicuss and debate. According to the rumors, Shin Se Kyung might do some procedures like double eyelid surgery, cheek implants and jaw surgery as well. Seeing fom the procedures mentioned, we know that those things had been done by many korean celebrities. Did Shin Se Kyung got them?

Shin Se Kyung Plastic Surgery Before and After
Shin Se Kyung Plastic Surgery Before and After

Double Eyelid Surgery

The speculation about double eyelid appeared after seeing her current appearance. She got a more open eyes. it seems the shape of the eyes had been done. Compared to her before picture, Shin’s eyes looked fresh and more beautiful. She used to have narrower eyes.

Jaw Surgery

If you see the before and after pictures, you might find something interesting. The shape of her face in the after picture looked having a more V line. It indicated a jaw surgery. If it was true, Shin Se Kyung just did the same thing like Park Min Young.

Shin Se Kyung Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor
Shin Se Kyung Plastic Surgery Fact or Rumor

Cheek implants.
another plastic surgery that Shin got was the cheek implant. Many people noticed that the cheek looked fuller and nearly looked swollen. It brought a lot of comments from people. they stated that Shin’s current appearance looked a bit unnatural. And she had lost her original charm.

Talking about the plastic surgery speculations Shin Se Kyung actually decide to keep hiding it. She never admit it and she has no desire to share. But, in the same year, 2012, the representative tried to handle this. They explained that Shin Se Kyung got scars on both side of her cheek that need to be refined with surgery. and they also claimed that Se Kyung never did other surgeries.

What do you think of it? Did you see any sign of plastic surgery? or it’s pure speculations?


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