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Shinee Choi Minho Plastic Surgery

Shinee is one of the most popular boy band from South Korea. For girl band, you might know SNSD, Kara, APink, etc. As popular K-Pop stars, Shinee had become people’s attention. That’s why  they got thousands of fans out there. As one of the coolest boy band from Korea, the members can’t avoid many speculations about them and plastic surgery. As you know that Korean plastic surgery is great in quality and users. Many celebrities from the country had done this procedure.

Choi Minho Plastic Surgery Nose Job
Choi Minho Plastic Surgery Nose Job

As a member of Shinee, Choi Minho was also reported having plastic surgery (previously, we have discussed about his group-mate, Lee Taemin, Onew (see more here)).

Many of his fans loved him so much because he is talented and cute. Among the members, Choi Minho might be one of the most popular one. what kind of plastic surgery he got? seeing from the before and after picture, it seems Minho went under a rhinoplasty (nose job). Let’s check this out

Choi Minho Plastic Surgery Through Nose Job

Some of you might disagree with this, especially his fans. But you should try to reconsider it by seeing the before and after picture. the pictures showed that the nose job must have been done. Choi Min Ho used to have wider nose with a rounder tip. the nose job had changed the shape of his nose significantly. he hot a narrower shape of nose. It looked nicely done. If you are a new fan of him, you might think that he got natural look.the surgery was done perfectly.

Among the Korean people, nose job is another popular procedure beside the double eyelid surgery. In Choi Minho case, he didn’t look having double eyelid surgery, because he had got wide eyes since he was young. What do you think of this? Share your opinion and don’t forget to your friends.


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