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Shruti Hassan Nose Job Before and After

If you are a Bollywood lovers, then you might know this woman very well. Shruti Hassan is a very beautiful actress from india. And she might be one of the most beautiful one. She might be very pleased that God blessed her with a very attractive and natural appearance. If you look at her for the first time, then you might think that she didn’t do any plastic surgery.

Shruti Hassan Nose Job Before and After
Shruti Hassan Nose Job Before and After

Surpringly, some medias reported that Shruti Hassan is one of Indian actress who enhanced her appearance through plastic surgery.

The 29 years old actress was said having  a nose job (medically known as rhinoplasty) on her face. it reminded us to other indian actress like Priyanka Chopra, Kareena Kapoor, etc.

Was Shruti Hassan Nose Job True?

This speculation might be true. You can try to see and compare between her before and after picture. You might realize that the change is seen clearly. Shruti’s new nose looked having narrower shape now. Shruti looked so pretty. Her new nose even made her appearance looked more perfect.

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