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Sienna Miller Plastic Surgery Before and After

Sienna Miller is a gorgeous British actress. She is also known as a model and also a fashion designer. In 2014, she appeared in the same movie as Steve Carrel, Foxcatcher. Like many other celebrities, Sienna Miller can’t avoid many rumors and news about her. The 33 years old lady was said having plastic surgery to enhance her appearance. And this case has been discussed few years ago.

Sienna Miller Breast Implants

You can try to see and compare the before and after picture. Did you see the change?It’s the size if her breasts. It seems she had enhanced the size of her breasts to be bigger and rounder than before.

Sienna Miller Breast Implants
Sienna Miller Breast Implants

A plastic surgeon noticed that she got her breast done through a breast implants. Dr. Michael Salzhauer explained that the change looked obvious. He thought that the size of her new breasts looked a bit too big for her thin body.

Many people are wondering why she did a breast implants. Was she obsessed to be a hot woman by having big boobs?

Based on the news report, Sienna Miller’s new breasts was revealed in 2010 when she was in vacation, in Spain. the boobs had turned bigger than before, 32B cup to 32C.

Sienna Miller Plastic surgery
Sienna Miller Plastic surgery

Sienna Miller breasts implants had made many people surprised at that time. How was she now? We don’t think that she went under further enhancements. If only she did a procedure today, she might get botox injection to keep her facial look refreshed. But it’s still a pure speculation.You might have your own ideas. Try to compare the pictures. Did she get botox?

Unless the boob job, She still looked natural now. What do you think of Sienna Miller plastic surgery speculation? Leave a comment in the available box

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