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Sissy Spacek Nose Job Before and After

Plastic Surgery is a really big phenomenon. Many people would love to get some procedures in order to enhance their appearance. As long as they got money to do it, they can do many kind of enhancement, or make their appearance younger than they should be.

Sissy Spacek Nose Job Before and After
Sissy Spacek Nose Job Before and After

Sissy Spacek is no longer young actress. She has been over 60 now. There’s a big mystery that made many people curious on her. Several threads in website told that she had gone under the knife. It was seen from the shape of her nose. Did she really go under a nose job (rhinoplasty)?

This speculation had become people’s attention. One of plastic surgeon, Dr, Michael Salzhauer also share his opinion about it. The doctor said that he noticed the change on Sissy’s nose as the result of nose job. That means the speculation was true.

After comparing the before and after picture, Dr. Michael got a fact about Mrs. Spacek. The new nose looked having slimmer shape than before. He also claimed that the tip of the nose also looked smaller than she used to have. Why don’t you try took at the before and after picture as well. Did you see it as a sign of rhinoplasty?

Compare to the new nose, some people might agree that, the previous nose looked much better than the nose job result. She just did unnecessary plastic surgery


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