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Sistar Member, Kim Dasom Plastic Surgery, Fact or Rumor?

Kim Dasom is a member of a popular Korean girl band, SISTAR. Kim Dasom is a very cute, beautiful and talented idol. She is not only good in singing and dancing as a member of girl band, but she is also good in acting. Recently she has just completed her drama entitled “Melody of Love”. However, behind her attractive and beautiful look, she can’t avoid the plastic surgery speculations. Because, in Korea plastic surgery had become part of life for many Korean celebrities so far. Park Min Young of City Hunter, had already felt the beautiful sensation after having surgery. How is Kim Dasom? is it a rumor or fact?

Kim Dasom Plastic Surgery
Kim Dasom Plastic Surgery

doube eyelid surgery

We believed that most of you have already known about double eyelid surgery. this procedure is done by many Korean celebrities to make their eyes looked bigger. A common Korean people will have narrow eyes. y having the double eyelid, they can make the eyes looked having more beautiful shape. Kim Dasom might get double eyelid too. You can see the pictures. Kim used to have narrower eyes.

Kim Dasom Plastic Surgery before and after
Kim Dasom Plastic Surgery before and after

nose job

the second change was probably on the shape of her nose. It looked having narrower shape. In Korean plastic surgery cases, it’s no longer new thing. This site had already reviewed some Korean celebrities who went under nose job (rhinoplasty). Kim Dasom nose job could be strongly possible.

Jaw surgery

a twitter account named @sistar_rp had released a photo of Kim Dasom before debut, that make the plastic surgery speculations were true. If you see the shape of her jaw in the pictures, you might realize that, her new jaw looked more oval.

Talking about Korean plastic surgery, most the cases had run successfully. This beauty shortcut had made many ordinary people become more attractive as stars. Kim Dasom plastic surgery might be not a rumor as well.

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